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Wandertour Kellerwald

Directions: The trail starts at the gate of the former monastery. The Tischbeinhaus is just to the right on the wall. This is where the Kellerwald trail markings start. Follow the markings to the left, towards to the church. Turn on to the Hoher Lohr path (and to the left of Landgraf Philipp Platz you can visit the monastery). The Kellerwald trail leads further up the road and to the left behind the old building of the Forensic Psychiatry Clinic, along the fence and straight ahead at the junction. Here you will see the second information board for the Tischbein trail from Haina to Dodenhausen. Next walk along the Tal Bäckers Grund, always following the stream, up to the main path that goes left at the forest crossroads and then across the stream.

Walking tour KellerwaldNow climb the hillside to the left of the stream for a while, cross the water once, and then again at the elongated crossing which leads to the T-junction where you can continue to hike up to the left. Now, after 4.5 km, you are already 250 metres above sea level. Continue to follow the excellent markings until you get to the tarmac driveway of the Hohes Lohr radio mast, which was previously in view.
Hikingtour KellerwaldTurn left to reach the rest area above Battenhausen. Continue walking along the middle path on the edge of the forest, cross the ski slope and continue to follow this path further to the right into the woods across several streams. After a slight climb on the long moor it goes down again, until you have a wonderful view of Dodenhausen to your left.
A little further on, cross the road and take the right path at the first forest road crossing. Walk to the end and then turn right towards the road which you are hiking in parallel to, until you find the paved forest path again.
Hikingtour KellerwaldNext walk climb the path to the left, take a right at the crossroads, and go straight ahead at the stream before reaching a group of hunting lodges. Turn left here and walk up the hill, then continue straight ahead at the junction to reach the bend of a paved forest road.
Kellerwald Walking tourNext go down to the right into the valley. Continue straight on until you reach the seven-way junction. Leave the Kellerwald trail here, and go right on a Kellerwaldsteig feeder path which is a bad road. At the junction with the tree nursery go slightly left to the road.
Attention, from here turn right along the road until you can turn left behind the former railway embankment in Lindenborntal at the second fork.In Lindenborntal take the right-hand fork through the woods until you reach the crossing. Here take the right path and you will soon leave the forest. Now walk straight ahead on the asphalt road over the Wartenberg and you will have a fantastic panoramic view over to Haina, the Hohes Lohr and the Wohratal. Walk along in a large S-shape past the Hundeplatz until you reach Gemünden. Here turn left and go down to the end of the street at the vineyard, then turn right over the Wohra bridge in the centre to reach the Stein path.

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